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over 4 years ago

Starter Kit

Welcome to the RIT iOS App Challenge!

You are now confirmed as a participant. We will be revealing more details at the kick-off event and training sessions, but this event challenges you to learn Swift if you don't already know it or to hone your skills if you've used it before.

Complete your ChallengePost profile

If you have not already done so, make sure your profile on ChallengePost contains your real e-mail address and your full name.  I also strongly recommend that you include some more details about yourself including a photo and what other projects you've worked on.  Make sure that you check the e-mail address that ChallengePost sends notifications to since that's how you'll get notified of the workshop, food, and rules.

Sign up as a developer

Please sign up as a developer at You can register for free to get basic access to the documentation and WWDC videos. You only need to pay the $99 fee if you want to ultimately publish your app to the App Store. Some time during the event, come by our table so we can set up your Mac to deploy your app to a real device for the competition.

Starting reading and watching videos now!

You want to hit the ground running with Swift on day one so we highly recommend reading up on the documentation before the kick-off event.  Once you have your free developer account, check out the WWDC videos on Swift, particularly the Introduction to Swift.

Sign up for a Workshop

This year, we will be offering two different workshops.

If you've never developed for iOS before or are a beginner, sign up for the Introduction to iOS Development Workshop.  You should have some experience with another object-oriented programming language but we'll show you how to do iOS development in Xcode using Swift.  This is a 5-hour hands-on course.  You can attend on EITHER Monday, February 2nd or Tuesday, February 3rd in the evening before the iOS App Challenge.

If you participated in the iOS App Challenge last year or have at least an intermediate knowledge of Objective-C, sign up for the Introduction to Swift for Objective-C Users Workshop.  This is a more advanced 2-hour course where we'll highlight the most important features of Swift and Xcode 6.


Coding will begin immediately following the kick-off presentation on Wednesday night, February 4th, 2015.  You'll have until Sunday night to finish your app.  Apple engineers will be on-site every night and throughout the weekend to help answer technical questions if you get stuck.  We'll also have snacks and meals.

Put the next day on your calendar too -- Monday, February 9th will be our final awards ceremony and demos in the Ingle Auditorium.  Invite all of your friends and family and professors to cheer you on.  We'll have raffle prizes and they'll be able to vote for you to win the Audience Choice award.  The judges will also be there to make their selection for first and second place.

At the kick-off event, we will reveal a secret requirement of the app.  You can start coming up with ideas for your app in advance but keep in mind that this requirement might make you change your direction a bit.  No coding should start prior to the kick-off ceremony.  Attendance at the kick-off event is not required to participate, but it is highly recommended that at least one member of your team attend. Ideally everyone will want to go to the kick-off so you can learn the rules and the secret API.

Finding a team

If you don't already have a team, you can start looking now.  Check out the Participants tab on ChallengePost or post a message on the Discussions tab.  If you still don't have a team at the kick-off ceremony, we'll have a team finding session but we've found that most people like to form their team in advance.  Make sure that all of your team members are registered with their own account on ChallengePost.

We're excited to have you participating. If, for some reason, you are no longer able to participate, please click the "Unregister for this hackathon" link on the ChallengePost site to give other students an opportunity and help us plan food accordingly.

- The iOS App Challenge Team <>