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over 4 years ago

Only a few more days!

This time next week, you'll be busy coding your app in Swift.  We've got an awesome group of engineers coming from Apple to help you with your apps next week.


If you're new to iOS development, there are still some spaces left for the Introduction to iOS Workshop on either Monday or Tuesday next week.  If you've been using Objective-C but are new to Swift, we'll have a special workshop just for you after the kick-off ceremony on Wednesday.

Food and Office Hours

We're also planning on catering dinner for a few of the evenings.  You should make plans now that you do your coding in the Student Innovation Hall with us so you can get your questions answered easily and get food too. :-)

On Wednesday, office hours will continue after the workshop until Midnight.

Thursday and Friday, office hours are from 6pm to Midnight.

Saturday and Sunday, office hours are from 2pm to Midnight.

These office hours are a great opportunity to talk to Apple engineers and get help with your app.  They will be held in the Student Innovation Hall.


See you next week!