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over 4 years ago

Rules and Recap of Kick-off Ceremony

Welcome to the third annual iOS App Challenge at RIT!

tl;dr: If you attended the kick-off, here's a quick recap:

  • Be nice to each other.  Review the MLH Code of Conduct and the App Store Review Guidelines.
  • All code must be done starting tonight.  Deadline Sunday night at 11:59pm.
  • Come by and see us during office hours.
  • If you want to test your app on a device, come by and see us.
  • Make sure everyone on your team is registered for the hackathon on ChallengePost.

To clarify a couple questions that came up:

  • Teams can be up to FOUR people and if each member of the team will get a prize if your team wins.
  • If there is a server-side component to your project, at least 60% of the total code for your project must be written in Swift. (ignoring blank and comments lines)  Talk to us for details.


If you missed the kick-off ceremony tonight, here is a detailed recap of everything we covered:


Other Organizations on Campus

CodeRIT is the group that organizes RIT’s participation in student hackathons and is running Brick Hack.  Check out details at  It’s April 17th 19th.

The iOS App Challenge is also presented by the Society for Software Engineers (SSE) and the Computer Science Community (CSC).

Apple is the primary sponsor for the event.


Your Mission

  • Learn Swift.
  • Produce an awesome iOS or OS X App this week and compete for prizes.
  • Continue building on what you’ve learned this week by coding more apps for iOS and OS X.
  • Get published on the App Store and include a link on your resume.



  • Must be a currently enrolled student at RIT or U of R (or have talked to Myke).
  • Apple employees are not eligible to participate.
  • May not be employed by a company that retains intellectual property ownership of any developed code.
  • You own all of the rights to your app.



  • All coding must be done during the Development Week tonight through Sunday night at 11:59pm.
  • Must be a native iOS app, written in Swift.
  • No PhoneGap, Unity, Cocos2d, etc.
  • Must be fully functional and working at the time of the review.
  • Must meet submission requirements for the App Store.
  • May not contain any previously developed code, except where permitted by the license agreement from the provider.
  • If there is a server-side component to your project, at least 60% of the total code for your project must be written in Swift. (ignoring blank and comments lines)  Talk to us for details.


Code of Conduct

  • Be respectful.  Harassment and abuse are never tolerated.
  • If you are in a situation that makes you uncomfortable, please report it.
  • E-mail (anonymously if you like) or talk to someone in a CodeRIT or Apple t-shirt.
  • Review the MLH Code of Conduct.
  • Hackathons are for learning.  Be inviting to everyone.  If you see someone that looks lost or frustrated or confused, offer help.


Key Dates

  • Coding starts tonight, immediately after the kick-off ceremony.
  • Coding ends Sunday, February 8th at 11:59pm.
  • Awards Ceremony in Ingle Auditorium, Monday, February 9th at 7:30pm.
  • Advanced Tech Talk Swift for Objective-C Users, Tonight at 8:30pm.
  • Weekday Office Hours in Student Innovation Hall Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 6pm to Midnight.
  • Weekend Office Hours in Student Innovation Hall Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to Midnight.
  • Dinner will be provided Friday and Sunday nights around 8pm
  • Snacks will be provided during all office hours.


Developer Accounts

  • Your free developer account gives you access to docs and WWDC videos.
  • To test on a device, come see us during office hours.
  • The University Program account can’t do PassBook, Game Center, Apple Pay, etc. but push notifications should work.
  • To publish to the App Store or use those feature, you’ll need to pay $99 for a paid account.


Office Hours

  • Apple engineers will be in Student Innovation Hall.
  • We have loaner devices for you to test your app — iPads, iPod touches, iPhone 6, iPhone 6Plus, and an Apple TV.
  • Come by and hang out!
  • Watch for ChallengePost updates about dinner and snacks.
  • E-mail if you have any questions.



Each team member (up to four) will receive:

  • For first place, a 13” MacBook Air
  • For second place, an iPad Air 2.
  • For the audience choice award, an iPad mini 3.

First and second place will be decided by a judging panel of RIT faculty and students.
The audience choice award will be selected by the audience at the final presentation.

Criteria for judges:

  • Technical difficulty
  • Originality of idea
  • Final presentation



At the final awards ceremony, we’ll have a raffle for awesome Apple t-shirts and other items that you can only get from Cupertino.  Bring your friends!



  • Minimum of two people, maximum of four people.
  • Highly recommended that you have three or four people.
  • Focus on complementary skill sets and help each other learn what you don’t know.
  • Make sure every team member is registered on ChallengePost TONIGHT.
  • If you’re still looking for a team, post a message on the Discussions tab on ChallengePost.


Submitting your final project to ChallengePost

  • Don’t wait until the last minute!  You can submit early and then modify your submission later.
  • All team members must be registered
  • Include icons and screenshots of your app
  • Zip up your .xcodeproj and submit that (only we can see it)
  • We will compile it and have it available on an iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone for the final presentation


Final Presentation

  • 2 minute demo followed by 1 minute of Q&A from judges
  • Display your app on an iPad or iPod touch
  • Your app will be pre-loaded for you
  • Practice sessions will be on Monday afternoon with the signup link going out on Sunday
  • Let’s pack Ingle Auditorium!


Secret API

  • The secret API is that you need to include some kind of media processing in your app.  This could be something like manipulation of photos from the camera / photo library, distortion of an audio input, etc.
  • This shouldn’t limit you too much… even if you’re making a game, find a way to incorporate the user’s photo into the game.
  • API docs are at


Let’s Get Started!