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over 4 years ago

Details on submitting and final presentations

Only a few hours to go!  Here are some details on how to submit and logistics for tomorrow's presentations.

How to submit

  1. Create a zip file with ALL of your project files, resources, frameworks.
  2. Copy this zip file over to another computer and test that you can still compile it and that your project runs.
  3. Click on "Enter a submission" on the ChallengePost page.
  4. Complete the form.  Make sure to include several screenshots of your app, a good description, and the zip file where it says "Upload a file."  At the bottom, you'll also let us know if you would like your app to run on an iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone 6 Plus for the presentation.

Tips for submitting

  • When this is over, you should include your project's page on your resume so spend some time to make it look nice.  (you can still modify it after submission though)
  • If your zip file is too big for ChallengePost, post it online to a service like Dropbox and upload a text file with the URL instead.
  • It is strongly recommended that you include an icon and launch image for your app.  Make it look nice!
  • Test that your zip file includes everything we will need to build it.
  • If we need a login or any special instructions to run your app, include a README file in your submission.
  • Test your app on a device.  If you haven't already, come by office hours in Student Innovation Hall and borrow one of our devices.
  • Don't wait until the last minute!  Submissions end sharply at 11:59pm Eastern.

Tonight after you submit, Apple engineers will compile your code and pre-load it on the device you specified.

If you are using entitlements...

If your project uses anything on the Capabilities tab such as CloudKit, Push Notifications, etc. and you are using your own developer account, please come see us during office hours tonight.  We'll need to get you set up on our account so we can run the app on our device.

If you're using our developer account (the Team drop-down shows "Apple, Inc. iOS App Challenge") then you're already good to go.

If you have any third-party frameworks...

If you're using any third-party frameworks such as Parse, SwiftyJSON, Facebook, etc., make sure that you're submitting that framework code in your zip file.  In the "Built With" field on the submission page, make sure to list that framework as well.

Monday Practice Presentations

We strongly recommend signing up for a practice presentation on Monday.  This is a 10-minute time slot where you can come to Ingle and test that the app works properly on our device.  If you need to pre-configure the device, that will be the time to do it.

Sign up for a practice session now.

This is meant to be a final dress rehearsal so come prepared to show us your presentation if you would like feedback.

Monday Night Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony starts at 7:30pm.  Doors open at 7:00.  We'll start with a brief intro and then each team will present their project.  You'll walk on stage, tap your app icon on the device where it is already loaded and talk about your app.  No keynotes, PowerPoint slides, etc.  You will have TWO MINUTES to present followed by up to 1 minute of Q&A from the judges.

If you need to present at a certain time, please e-mail ASAP so we can adjust the schedule.

Bring your friends!  We have appetizers from Wegman's and Insomnia Cookies coming!  The audience will also be able to vote for your app for the Audience Choice award.  We'll also have Apple t-shirts and other items to raffle off to the crowd as well.

The awards ceremony will be interpreted in ASL.

Good luck!